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About Us

square::eleven is a business software and advisory firm focused on delivering Actionable Business Intelligence™ to small and medium-sized enterprises across industry verticals.

We pride ourselves on crafting high-value, insightful solutions that are tailored to fit our clients' needs. square::eleven takes a holistic, data-driven approach to addressing the mission critical, complex operating problems and market situations that are facing today's small and medium-sized enterprises, the public sector and non profit organisations.

Drawing on our team's leading expertise in economic analysis, financial modeling, business management and marketing analytics, square::eleven understands what is truly important for your business' success and for driving your bottom line. This is what sets our business analytics software apart from the competition.

square::eleven understands the challenges facing our clients; the methodologies for analyzing business drivers and supporting your mission critical operations, and the strategic opportunities and catalysts needed to propel your business to the next level.


Our suite of business analytics software and services includes:

   :: Market research and sales forecast analytics
   :: Operations research and workflow automation
   :: Corporate financial analysis and risk management
   :: Strategic initiative assessment and capital budgeting
   :: Working capital management and cash flow optimization
   :: Intrinsic business valuation and pro forma financial modeling
   :: Marketing campaign management and digital media implementation

Our Philosophy

Economists love to use sophisticated terms, or even coin new phrases, for describing economic concepts. Alas, this tends to overcomplicate even the simplest of concepts for everyone else.

Information Asymmetry is nothing more than a scenario in which one party has more or better information than the other. In economics, it is the subject of research in a variety of broader topics, such as Contract Theory and the study of transactions, and the Efficient Market Hypothesis and research on the prevalence and impact of insider trading.

Knowledge is power. In any business transaction – be it a transformational deal, to any number of daily operating activities – Information Asymmetry is an imbalance of power between you and the competition, including your suppliers and even your clients.

“The problem is no longer the amount of data at your disposal, but rather the quality of information available to you for making smart business decisions.”

In today’s highly interconnected society, businesses are inundated with data. Yet, information asymmetry still plagues the competitive landscape. We are often subject to data-overload and increasingly besieged by misinformation, as the role social media and the internet plays in the widespread dissemination of information continues to expand with few checks and balances for ensuring information integrity and authenticity. The problem is no longer the amount of data at your disposal, but rather the quality of information available to you for making smart business decisions.

Information Asymmetry is alive and well. Arguably, it is even becoming a growing concern, as large corporations have vastly expanded their use of big-data analytics such as online personal data-mining — to the detriment of other parties, including smaller competitors, that lack the financial and technology resources needed to respond.

Our goal at square::eleven is to help level the information playing field — an uphill battle faced by many small and medium-sized enterprises. We believe that strong competition, from a diverse set of more responsive, local companies, benefits all of us; while, fostering Information Symmetry is key to achieving this state. As a testament to our conviction in our mission, our name square::eleven is a representation of Symmetry – being analogous to the time “11:11” on a clock and mathematically, as the symmetrical number “121”.


Peter J Thibodeau, CFA :: Managing Director, Head of Research & Analytics

Peter Thibodeau is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with over 12 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Public Policy and Institutional Asset Management. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from McGill University (Montreal, QC).

Mr. Thibodeau has garnered considerable corporate finance experience, ranging from the bankruptcy reorganization of a Pulp & Paper company, to the development of a proposed brownfield tide water energy terminal. He has worked on the advancement of large scale Renewable Energy projects, including a proposed 40 MW wind farm and the completion of a strategic acquisition, as part of a multibillion-dollar polysilicon facility capital investment project within the Solar Energy Industry.

Prior to founding PJT Capital Corp. Mr. Thibodeau worked in the Investment Management industry, as part of a team overseeing $2.5 billion in institutional assets. As an investment manager, Mr. Thibodeau held a variety of roles and responsibilities – as an Equity Research Analyst, with coverage responsibilities across a variety of sectors and global markets; Portfolio Management of EAFE and Canadian Small Cap Funds; and Head of Equity Trading, as well as Head of the firm’s Global Currency Hedging Overlays.

Mr. Thibodeau began his career as a public-sector economist and financial analyst, playing a key role in several large-scale Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and other economic undertakings for the Province of New Brunswick (NB), Canada. Notably, he served as the NB Department of Economic Development’s lead analyst responsible for assessing the proposed divestiture of substantially all generating assets of NB’s public utility. In this capacity, Mr. Thibodeau was called upon to testify in regulatory hearings as an expert witness concerning the economic implications of the highly controversial proposal.

Jeremy Nowlan :: Managing Director, Head of Marketing & Client Services

Jeremy Nowlan is a seasoned marketing executive with a strong background in the Technology Sector. As a serial entrepreneur and a true "tech-geek", Mr. Nowlan started his first business, Hovercraft Vision R/C, when he was 16 years old; while in his professional career, he founded two companies specializing in Digital Corporate Marketing & Media, Momentum Productions and Square Eleven Media.

As a marketing professional, Mr. Nowlan has participated in several strategic initiatives, such as corporate branding and marketing campaign management. Additionally, he as a broad range of experience in content production, implementation and analysis, including print and digital media production, creative design and marketing analytics.

A visionary marketing strategist, Mr. Nowlan foresaw at a very early stage, the extraordinary role that e-commerce and Social Media could ultimately play in the fields of sales and marketing. He spearheaded the early adoption of several transformative initiatives for his clients by establishing e-commerce sales channels and profitable online monetization strategies. Mr. Nowlan helped transform Client Engagement & Relationship Management into a highly responsive, dynamic process – in addition to creating a first-mover advantage for his corporate clients – through the early implementation of Social Media and Marketing Analytics.

Prior to founding his own firm, Mr. Nowlan served in various IT infrastructure and systems deployment roles. He holds a diploma (Technician - Digital signal processing systems), from the Mobile Dynamics Institute (Toronto, ON).